Rational Policy for the 19th Century

by Resistors

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released January 26, 2018

Recorded in 2017, and remixed by Scott Wolff in February 2019 at Dead Flamingo.


all rights reserved



Resistors Florida

Resistors are a punk band from Tampa, Florida. Formed in 2012, they get cuter and cuter by the day.


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Track Name: Over It
Come to you from this painted corner
Do my best to explain
But I’m tongue-tied and jetlagged
Growing tired of this game
Keep up with the fleeing bullseye
Causing unneeded stress
Following the downside
Guess I tried my best

Maybe it is getting better
And I guess I’ll just believe
But the air is getting heavy
Gonna have to wait and see
This self-inflicted silence
Worthless as can be
Don’t mean to be ungrateful
This means nothing to me

Over it
Torn up, battered and bruised
Over it
Are we wasting our breath

Through the darkness, made it out alive
Had to bust on through to the other side
Had to take everything that was lost
Whoa oh oh
Track Name: The Sweetest Revenge
They said he had a defect and cast him to the side to be forgotten
Told everyone they could his heart was rotten
Drew some blood to prove he was broken
It’s what they had to do

Bet they wish they would have known
Plotted for hours
About getting his revenge

Whoa oh he’ll have his day

He was a reject, if he could just control the impression
He could just change their perception
Might be enough to feel welcome
It’s what he tried to do

Now I think they figured out
He plotted for hours
Now he’s having his revenge
Track Name: Wish List
You’re a fucking asshole
And I wish you were stillborn
Or Jeffrey Dahmer ate you
When you were still young
None of that happened
So we’re all shit out of luck
Please take your family, friends
And all your fans
Tie them to a subway track
Track Name: Your Cold Dead Hands
Here you are with pitchfork and stake
Right in the center of an amateur arms race
Because everyone is coming after you
Stockpiles for days
United you stand here in your safest place
Hands up there is nothing we can do

You cannot recognize your madness

One for all, all for one
Is your brain completely gone?
Sounds like you’re fully loaded
You go off, can’t be undone
Nor can the rhetoric you drum
Or all the lives taken away

You cannot recognize your madness
Until the bullets come screaming right through
Right through
Track Name: Hanging On
I once had dream
Woke up and believed, you didn’t
Just think about yourself
Thought was a sign of advancement
But that’s not what it means

Wrote down as much as I could
More than I should
And compared all of the notes
Came back to extremes
That’s where the roads all seemed to lead
Everything is not about you

Right or wrong, keep hanging on
Big cloud of rubble raining down
Right or wrong, we’re moving on

Always talking, have to be the center of it all
Can you ever switch it off?
Always talking, center of it all
Not your style to let it go
Track Name: Drag
Hey kid, look around
Are you tired of playing by their rules?
Just come right on in, don’t know where to begin
Never have to think quite as much as before
Inside you’ll find
A whole new attitude and moral code
Here’s what to love and here’s what to hate
Here’s a list of what you can’t tolerate

Dubiety, my friend
Kept your head….close to the ground
Piety, my friend
That might be what’s dragging you down

No longer earthbound
Sky is the limit and beyond
You’re with us here now, see it’s as great as it sounds
We’ll take ten percent if you’re sticking around
Plan for afterlife
That’s where all of this starts to pay off
Think of white light, run right across
Here take this spritzer, this is gonna be boss
Track Name: This Is Your Brain
I’d like to introduce
Pile of concerns into the record
And a motion to exclude
This 1950’s propaganda

Bottles of pills are fine
But plants are where we draw the line
Pigheaded pious creeps always having it their way
Not just stupid it’s a shame

Prohibition on the rise
Extract the wool right off your eyes

Bottles of pills are fine
But plants are where we draw the line
There’s not enough time to explain the multitude of benefits
It’s not that hard to justify
Track Name: Totally Rational
Step back for just a few
Take a look around and observe
Demagogues and xenophobes
Breaking silence now they’re heard

They’re all out there now
See their faces now

Fuck it, turn the lights out
And fucking fuck this shitty world
Every day it gets a little worse
Seems we get what we deserve

They’re all out there now
Smash their faces now

Ahhh they stand alone
Cretins yaarrrrgghhhhzzz they stand alone

Crawled from the hills and trees
Selling hate like a commodity
So naive we didn’t see til now
Out with torches flickering
This is the world that we are in
Track Name: Holy Toledo
Started out didn’t know much of anything
Was hanging out with the local dull kids
But then one day the light came flashing on
And it never went off
Heard a voice yeah it spoke to me
You know it wasn’t jesus
It said “fuck the man we have come here to rock”
How could I turn it down

Means more than a song
It keeps playing on and on
Whoa oh
Oh oh
Indebted and thankful
Eternally grateful
Trail blazed

Spent all day standing at the wonderland
Or smashed up in a scorching skatepark
Spent my last five bucks just to get to you
Drove for hours just to see ten minutes

Means more than a song
It keeps playing on and on
Whoa oh
Oh oh
Indebted and thankful
Eternally grateful
Trail blazed

Never be the same again
Every day is a time machine to way back when
So you better get up and off your ass, when these fuckers come to town
Track Name: Who's Got the 2 1/2?
Oh so tough, oh so viral
Red blooded, ball of fire
Get out of the way, coming on so strong
He who has the loudest most incoherent voice
Has the last word, oh that last word

Nothing to see here
Nothing to believe here
Nothing….absolutely nothing

Take it in, recognize
There’s another ill-advised decision
Making up for what he lacks
Inadequate, inconsequential
That’s a good one, yeah that’s a good one

A parade of insults, and a show of force
Flaunting authority, settling the scores
Covering up an empty fucking life
That empty life, that empty life
Tries to forget he’s nothing
He’s nothing

Please dwell upon and
See through dead eyes
To a pile of useless thoughts
And don’t forget he’s nothing
Track Name: Danger Zone
Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go

Highway to the danger zone
Ride into the danger zone

Headin' into twilight
Spreadin' out her wings tonight
She got you jumpin' off the track
And shovin' into overdrive

Highway to the danger zone
I'll take you
Ridin' into the danger zone

You'll never say hello to you
Until you get it on the red line overload
You'll never know what you can do
Until you get it up as high as you can go

Out along the edges
Always where I burn to be
The further on the edge
The hotter the intensity

Highway to the danger zone
Gonna take you
Right into the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
Right into the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
Gonna take you right into the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
Right into the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
Gonna take you right into the danger zone
Highway to the danger zone
Right into the danger zone

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